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Class 3 tests Tag-Rugby

We’ve played Tag-Rugby a few times. It is fun!

It’s hard to rememder that it’s against the rules to kick the ball infront of you. Instead of tackling each other you grab a band that you wear on your side. Then you need to pass the ball within 3 seconds. The one thats taken has to put the band on again before he/she can play again. We got the rules from our comenius friends in Wales.

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New sports facilities

Our students like practising different outdoor sports. They play football and handball, play table tennis, climb the wall, run, jump, do fitness exercises etc…

We have enjoyed new sports facilities for a few months. They rae very popular among all of us and therefore we spend much more time outdoors. Have a look at the photos. This is what we love in our school !


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Some years if we don’t have ice on our schoolyard we go by bus with the whole school to a ice-skating-arena for a day. There we can play hockey or play games, you decide what to do. The teachers often makes a track that we shall skate, with some different obsticles, like for example slalom. They check how skilled we are at skating. Almost everyone of us has our own skates. Ice-skating