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Our 5th grade students made “muffins, cakes, cookies, tiramisu, etc…” on their own and brought to school. Then we all ate them in the class with real preasure. We also wanted our students to record a video while making them and telling how to do in English.

Click HERE to watch the video.

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Grow, Cook, Eat

The after-school-club started with arranging a piece of land where they could grow potatoes and onions. They put some potatoes and onions in the soil, so that it could start growing. They watered it and checked it on a regular base. In September when the potatoes and onions where big enough to eat, they harvested them, and cleaned them. Then they made a delicious potato and onion soup, and they it for lunch. Everyone enjoyed it and it was fun to do this project.IMG_4759 IMG_4764

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