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In our school we are trying to be ecological and recycling is very important for us. It is compulsory in the whole area to segregate waste and rubbish. We put each kind of waste in a separate bag, e.g. glass in one bag, paper in another and the like. Both students and teachers  take part in collecting waste paper, plastic caps, which are then sold and processed so that other things could be made of them. All year we collect batteries, we weigh them every three months, write down the results and at the end of the year we award the winning class.

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The money obtained from the sale of these things are given to our Students’ Council or to charity. We collect plastic caps to help the sick boy to get money for his rehabilitation. Students make also different Christmas or Easter decorations using waste material, e.g. Christmas trees etc… The cost of producing such decorations is relatively low and they can be sold later to get money for the needs of our school.

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Every year we celebrate Earth Day – in that day we are cleaning area near our school and forest which is in Czarków.  People throw away many useless things to forest, we collect them and transport to dump.

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Students take part in different ecological contests, which make them more aware of the problem and the need of recycling. Our youngest students took part In the Great Ecological Contest organized by the Minister of Environment of Poland. The title of the contest is “Zwierzakolubni” which means “liking animals”, taking care of animals and remembering, that the rubbish we produce has an influence on both our and their world. The students works were made of wastes and recycled materials. The children prepared the butterfly, the pig, the  bird in the nest and the big “liking animals” man. These works have been sent for the country voting and we are waiting for the results.

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