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The Prince’s Ears


Once upon a time there lived a prince named March. He lived in a castle in Pen Llyn. March was rich but he was unhappy because he was hiding a secret. The secret was that he was hiding his big hairy ears that looked like horse’s ears. March hid his ears by growing his hair long to cover them up. The barber was the only one who knew his secret and it made him sick with worry, so he went to the doctor and told him he couldn’t eat, drink or do anything. The doctor told the barber to tell someone or something, so the barber went to the banks of the river Soch and told the earth his secret. The barber felt much happier once he had shared his secret because he didn’t have to worry any more and still no one else knew.


One day the prince started in school. It was a very windy day, so his hair blew away and his ears were shown. His classmates saw his big horse’s ears and started to laugh at him.
“Stop laughing at me,” the prince said.
“Ha, ha! We are not going to stop laughing at you because you look so silly,” his classmates answered.
He was all alone in school, no one liked him. He got a stomach ache.


After a few days the prince went to hospital. The doctor did the operation on him and long looked at him, he remembered the boy about which the hairdresser talked. He told March about the medicine for his trouble that he knew. He gave him the map and sent to his friend Red Dragon. It was very large, had a tail and a good heart. The Red Dragon very much liked to read the book and to breed robots. When the prince was already healthy, he said goodbye to his parents and went to the cave of the dragon by plane. It was very colourful there. Everywhere many trees and flowers grew. The dragon stood in front of the house and watered tulips, daffodils and lilies of the valley. He greeted the prince and invited him into the kitchen. Together they baked cookies and cooked the spinach.


They sat at the dining table. The prince got his knife to cut the cookies as they were too big, but the dragon got it all wrong and chased the prince to the forest. After a while the prince hid behind a tree. Unfortunately the dragon saw the prince’s ears and caught him. Then they walked to the dragon’s house. As soon as they got home, the prince said to him “They told me you have a magical drink which would turn my ears into normal human ears. Could you give it to me?”
The dragon said, “Ok. but on one condition! I can’t breathe fire. I heard that in the place you came from there is a magical mushroom to help me breathe fire. If you bring it to me I will give you your magical drink.”
After a week, the prince told the dragon that he had looked everywhere but couldn’t find it. The dragon told him that there was a mountain and top of it there was a seven headed snakes cave and he could find the mushroom there. Then the dragon thought that the prince could be harmed there, so he followed him secretly. When the prince arrived at the cave the snake was sleeping. Suddenly it woke up! The dragon saved the prince from the snake and killed it. Luckily the dragon and the prince could get what they wanted. So the dragon could breathe fire and the prince now had normal ears. Then the prince went to his school and showed his ears to his friends and told his story. His friends were surprised and wanted to see the dragon. At the weekend they went to see the dragon and had some time together. The kids were so surprised and happy. They all lived happily ever after.

Thank you to everyone who helped write and tell our story. All the children in our Year 3 classes have really enjoyed this project!

Izzy said, “I liked listening to everyone’s ideas and being able to finish a story – to make up our own endings.”

Alizah said, “I liked it because all the different countries were able to write their own part. I like writing stories and enjoyed being able to make up anything I wanted to!”

The boy and the giant

The boy and the giant.

(Swedish beginning)

Once upon a time there was a shepherd boy that was walking around in the forest tending his mother’s bucks. One day he caught sight of a cottage, where a giant lives with his wife. When the giant heard the sound of the bleating goats, he came out of the cottage to see what was going on. The boy got scared and ran away with the animals, because the giant was not only big, but he was also very frightening to look at. In the evening the boy was back home with his mother. She was making cheese, and he took some cheese, rolled it in some ashes from the fireplace and put it in his rucksack. The next morning he went as usual in to the forest with the bucks and came once again close to the giants’ cottage. This time the giant was really angry. He went out of the cottage, picked up a large rock from the ground and squeezed it in his hand so that the rock splinters flew in every direction. Then he said: “If you come here again, then I shall squeeze you to splinters!”. The boy was not scared and he pretended that he also had a rock in his hand, but his stone was cheese, which the giant didn’t know.


The boy knew that he had cheese but the giant didn’t know about it. The boy wanted to throw the cheese at the giant but the giant opened his mouth and said “no”. Then the boy threw the cheese straight to the open mouth of the giant. The giant felt the cheese in his mouth and asked the boy where he had bought it. The boy answered that his mother had made it. Then the boy went back home. On the next day he brought more cheese for the giant. He gave the giant so much cheese and the giant burst out. After he burst out there was gold of his remains. The boy was so happy, he ran home for plastic bags to take this gold.



When he returned to the forest, there was no gold, instead there was a note. On the note it wrote: “The gold is in the forest.” When the boy turned around, he saw a piece of gold and started to follow them. After a while he found another note saying: “Look up.” Then a huge pile of gold fell on the boy. Meanwhile the giant’s wife went outside of her cottage. She also saw the note and gold pieces. After a few minutes she saw the dead body of the boy. Suddenly the ghost of her husband appeared and said: “Miss me?” and then laughed.




The giant’s wife wants to keep the gold herself and shoots the ghost of her husband with a bow and arrow, but instead of killing him he splits in two, one ghost chased her so far away they were never seen again and the other stayed at the cottage.

Meanwhile, what the giant didn’t know was that the boy had been holding a special golden coin so he did not die but came back to life. He returned home to his mother but found he had gone back in time to the previous day and once again she was sending him off to tend the bucks with his cheese for lunch. He knew that this time he had to make friends with the giant or he would die once more.

He decided to give the giant some cheese to make him happy and the giant was so pleased that he offered to pay for the cheese with a gold coin.

This kindness broke the spells so the giant was no longer a ghost and the boy was living in the right time. The giant lived happily eating cheese the boy brought every day and the boy and his mother were never poor again.


oludeniz_3Here is the original legend of DEAD SEA.

                                                                     ÖLÜDENİZ (DEAD SEA)

One of the handsome sons of an old captain and a beautiful girl called Belcekiz fell in love when the son was on land to get drinking water. However, the boy had to get the drinking water and return to his father’s ship. As the ship sailed away, Belcekiz watched for her lover to return. Each time the boy came to get water, they met and had some time together.

One day, a storm blew up. The son told his father that he knew of a cove to shelter that was as still as a pool. The old father thought the son’s suggestion came from his desire to see his lover and that he didn’t care whether the ship sank or not. As the waves grew higher and the ship was about to crash onto the rocks, the father hit his son with an oar and he fell into the sea. After a while, the father found himself in an extremely still cove. He understood that his son was right but it was too late. His son’s dead body was found on the rocks. Belcekiz, seeing that her lover was dead, committed suicide by jumping onto the rocks.

From that day on the place she jumped from was named as Belcekiz and the place the boy died were named as Oludeniz (Dead Sea). Maybe the colours of the water that keep changing are fires of mourning, one for the boy and one for the girl.

                                         Below is the Story Carousel of our Dead Sea Legend :)

Polish Legend – The Polish White Eagle

A thousand years ago, or maybe even more, there lived three brothers, Lech, Czech, and Rus. For many years they had been content in their villages, but the families grew larger and they needed more room to live.

The brothers decided to travel in different directions to search for new homes. Lech, Czech, and Rus traveled with their troops for many days. They rode their horses over mountains and rivers, through forests and wild country. There were no people to be found anywhere, not a town or tiny village. On the crest of a mountain top, they separated, each going in a different direction. Czech went to the left, Rus went to the right and Lech rode straight ahead, down the mountain and across vast plains.

The young prince, Lech, was riding his horse through a thick forest.The sun was setting and the sky was red. While he was looking for a place to stop, he noticed an eagle’s nest. Lech was looking at it when, suddenly, an eagle spread its wings. As the eagle spread its wings and soared into the heavens again, a ray of sunshine from the red setting sun fell on the eagle’s wings, so they appeared tipped with gold, the rest of the bird was pure white.“I’ll build my home here” thought the prince and got off his horse.

“Here is where we will stay!” declared Lech. “Here is our new home, and we will call this place GNIEZNO … (the eagle’s nest).

He and his people built many houses and it became the center of his territory. They called themselves Polonians, which means “People of the Field”. They made a banner with a white eagle on a red field and flew it over the town of Gniezno, which became the first historical capital of Poland.

And, now you know how Poland began . . .

The Polish Eagle

(courtesy of polandpoland)

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