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Nobel Prize Day 10th December

The Nobel Prize Day is celebrated every year in Sweden, when the Nobel Prize is given out.

It is a prize that is given to people that have important things in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and peace work. The prize was started by Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, through his will in 1895 and was awarded for the first time in 1901.

In our school we celebrate it in different ways. Last time we got to invent different things. We got to draw a picture and describe what it should be used for and where it was needed. After that we got a chocolate medal. We got our prize from Goldia, she said that she was Queen Silvia’s sister.

Nobelprisutdelning klass 2 (1)

Class 3 Gadden school


EU- hopes for the future

All the pupils gathered in the dining hall. Our teachers put on an educational film about EU. When we’d finished watching the film one of our teachers talked a bit more about EU. Then we were divided up into 4 groups. All the groups went to different classrooms and did activities. In one classroom we wrote a letter to EU with our hopes for the future. In another classroom we read aloud about the EU. In another we played games and in another we discussed EU. It was a fun and educational day

The boy and the giant

The boy and the giant.

(Swedish beginning)

Once upon a time there was a shepherd boy that was walking around in the forest tending his mother’s bucks. One day he caught sight of a cottage, where a giant lives with his wife. When the giant heard the sound of the bleating goats, he came out of the cottage to see what was going on. The boy got scared and ran away with the animals, because the giant was not only big, but he was also very frightening to look at. In the evening the boy was back home with his mother. She was making cheese, and he took some cheese, rolled it in some ashes from the fireplace and put it in his rucksack. The next morning he went as usual in to the forest with the bucks and came once again close to the giants’ cottage. This time the giant was really angry. He went out of the cottage, picked up a large rock from the ground and squeezed it in his hand so that the rock splinters flew in every direction. Then he said: “If you come here again, then I shall squeeze you to splinters!”. The boy was not scared and he pretended that he also had a rock in his hand, but his stone was cheese, which the giant didn’t know.


The boy knew that he had cheese but the giant didn’t know about it. The boy wanted to throw the cheese at the giant but the giant opened his mouth and said “no”. Then the boy threw the cheese straight to the open mouth of the giant. The giant felt the cheese in his mouth and asked the boy where he had bought it. The boy answered that his mother had made it. Then the boy went back home. On the next day he brought more cheese for the giant. He gave the giant so much cheese and the giant burst out. After he burst out there was gold of his remains. The boy was so happy, he ran home for plastic bags to take this gold.



When he returned to the forest, there was no gold, instead there was a note. On the note it wrote: “The gold is in the forest.” When the boy turned around, he saw a piece of gold and started to follow them. After a while he found another note saying: “Look up.” Then a huge pile of gold fell on the boy. Meanwhile the giant’s wife went outside of her cottage. She also saw the note and gold pieces. After a few minutes she saw the dead body of the boy. Suddenly the ghost of her husband appeared and said: “Miss me?” and then laughed.




The giant’s wife wants to keep the gold herself and shoots the ghost of her husband with a bow and arrow, but instead of killing him he splits in two, one ghost chased her so far away they were never seen again and the other stayed at the cottage.

Meanwhile, what the giant didn’t know was that the boy had been holding a special golden coin so he did not die but came back to life. He returned home to his mother but found he had gone back in time to the previous day and once again she was sending him off to tend the bucks with his cheese for lunch. He knew that this time he had to make friends with the giant or he would die once more.

He decided to give the giant some cheese to make him happy and the giant was so pleased that he offered to pay for the cheese with a gold coin.

This kindness broke the spells so the giant was no longer a ghost and the boy was living in the right time. The giant lived happily eating cheese the boy brought every day and the boy and his mother were never poor again.