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Nobel Prize Day 10th December

The Nobel Prize Day is celebrated every year in Sweden, when the Nobel Prize is given out.

It is a prize that is given to people that have important things in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and peace work. The prize was started by Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, through his will in 1895 and was awarded for the first time in 1901.

In our school we celebrate it in different ways. Last time we got to invent different things. We got to draw a picture and describe what it should be used for and where it was needed. After that we got a chocolate medal. We got our prize from Goldia, she said that she was Queen Silvia’s sister.

Nobelprisutdelning klass 2 (1)

Class 3 Gadden school


EU- hopes for the future

All the pupils gathered in the dining hall. Our teachers put on an educational film about EU. When we’d finished watching the film one of our teachers talked a bit more about EU. Then we were divided up into 4 groups. All the groups went to different classrooms and did activities. In one classroom we wrote a letter to EU with our hopes for the future. In another classroom we read aloud about the EU. In another we played games and in another we discussed EU. It was a fun and educational day